Time To Paws With Annie

Feb 24th THROUGH March 1st, 2020



You might remember me telling you last winter about all the rabbits living under our decks. I played tag with them & watched them dig tunnels in the snow. Gram felt sorry for them out in the cold & fed them every day. Only to find when spring came the massive amount of havoc they had wreaked on Gram’s rose bushes & shrubs. No good deed goes unpunished! So, this winter Gram thought she would be smarter where the wild critters are concerned. There was no special wabbit food put out & although it nearly broke her heart she moved all of her bird feeders out & away from the house. Even so, as the winter moved in, so did the under deck residents! Our “guests” chose a smaller deck this winter & they chose diversity in their co-habitation. Under one deck lives 2 wascally wabbits…just 2 so far & they are sharing their apartment with 3 rooster pheasants! I wish we had a video camera to put under there to see just how they work this out! Every time I try to sneak a peek they scoot out the opposite side! They all make trips out to the bird feeders to clean up what the birds spill on the ground. And, truth be told, Gram does put some extra sunflower seed at the base of the feeder poles for them. The wabbits usually just come out at night, but the pheasants make a couple lunch trips a day. Out those boys come, single file & march out to the sunflower. Gram has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring to asses this winter’s damage done to her plants!

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Happy New Year from Annie & Everyone at Stockman’s!