Time To Paws With Annie

Jan 21st  THROUGH Jan 27th, 2019



Gram & I have been out nearly every day looking for bucky antlers. So far we’ve been skunked. I.E., no hot dogs for me! I think it is gonna be a tough year for shed hunting or as I hopefully say, it will be a challenge! Gram & I don’t get too far from home before we’re both tired & legs are a hurtin’. But, getting past that, the non-winter winter we are having is sure to test our shed hunting abilities. Because there is such little snow those deer guys can go wherever they want & don’t have to stick to trails. That makes for so much more ground to cover. Then when the antlers do fall they will be sooo hard to see when laying on leaves compared to on top of the white snow. What few trails we find to follow are super icy & slippery. Gram has these chains she puts on her boots to keep her from slipping. Some peoples needs to invent them for paws! I have this theory that I don’t think is based in any scientific facts, but I’ve always thought that the milder the winter is in terms of little snow & not too cold… Well, I think the buckys keep their antlers on longer because there is less stress on their bodies. Put all of these things together & I’m faced with quite the test. I’m gonna have to rely on my sniffer to find the antlers cause I sure can smell those hot dogs!

Even though the temperatures haven’t rivaled a 3 dog night it still feels good to get something warm in my tummy. We stock those super yummy BEER CREEK COUNTRY KITCHEN SOUP MIXES! TONS OF VARIETIES! I love them all! ONLY $3.38 EACH THIS WEEK!! Just tell the cashier you like a warm tummy too!


Love Annie and everyone at Stockman’s!