Time To Paws With Annie

July 8th THROUGH July 14th, 2019



Sometimes I gotta wonder about Mother Nature’s plan! Here we are, now in the best part of summer…The Dog Days! It is the time when I’m panting like crazy from the heat, but this time of year is actually named after Sirius, the Dog Star. The Dog Star is the brightest star in the sky this time of year, if you don’t count the sun. In my head I’ve always thought the Dog Days are the best of the best for summer days. Could I be wrong? I know, right?? Annie wrong?? Humph?? Well, they might be the best days if those dang deer flies weren’t sooo mean! They bite hard & they chase me & the deer from the woods trying to get away from them, but they are everywhere! I can’t even nap in the yard without being bothered! Then, as if those flies aren’t enough there are the pesky gnats! It feels like thousands of gnats are in my eyes & around some of my other body parts which I’m too much of a lady to mention! They are the worst! So how does that “Mother N” expect us to enjoy the great summer Dog Days? I suppose we could add it to the list of why “Life Isn’t Fair” or maybe better yet- “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way”! … And I call the way- BUG SPRAY! For my special this week TAKE 20% OFF ALL FLYING, CRAWLING, OR SWIMMING INSECT & BUG KILLERS, ALL BRANS, ALL SIZES IN STOCK! If it comes by land, air, or sea it’s no match for me! Just tell the cashier you won’t be bugged!

Love Annie and everyone at Stockman’s!