Time To Paws With Annie

Sept 16th THROUGH Sept 22nd, 2019



I’ve been wondering if Wisconsin has a monsoon season cause I feel like we’ve been in one! I might have limited company, but I can’t help wishing & wondering if the rain was snow…just how much would we have??? I just can’t wait for a roll in the fresh white stuff! I know the autumn season is a favorite for many & although I’d never argue with its appeal I still find it confusing! Is it gonna be a hot day or a cold day? Are Gram’s flowers growing or dying? Should I be contemplating a heavy fur coat or shedding off the one I have? I’m certainly happy that I don’t have to put on clothes like you peoples do. I would never be able to decide how much to put on! Gram says that layers of clothing are the ticket! For my special this week BUY ANY JACKET OR SHIRT FOR ANY SEX OR SPECIES & GET 25% OFF!!! Just tell the cashier that you “autumn” be ready & you ain’t “fallin” for no weather tricks!

Love Annie and everyone at Stockman’s!