Time To Paws With Annie

July 6th – July 12th, 2020



  How ya doin’? As they say in Wisconsin, “If you don’t like the weather,
don’t worry cause it will change!” I feel like that is the way this
summer has been! And it’s not just a little change in the weather it’s
huge dives & valleys. Its extreme hills & summits. We’ve had intense
hots & colds & severe wets & drys! And in spite of all of that we are
having by all appearances a terrific growing season! The corn was sure
more than your knee high by the 4th of July, it was your neck high! And
me, well I’d get lost in the corn field & never see where I was! It’s
kinda funny though cause even with these crazy, grand swings in the
weather it will all come out in the wash as you guys say. What I mean
is that when it all gets put into the record book it will average out just
like any other year! Even with our last rain of more than 8 inches!
  This side of the 4th of July each day we have a little less light. I highly
recommend making the most of them!
And do stay safe!!