Time To Paws With Annie

September 21st – September 27th



  How ya doin’? I am doing great! I finally got off of the antibiotics & I’m feeling my old self again! So with that I want to share some SUPER BIG NEWS! Get your drum roll going, your noise makers making noise or whatever fanfare you might have cause… I will soon have the distinct honor & blessing of being the only Stockman’s dog to retire & not EXpire on the job! For real! Hehe! Yes, that’s right, I will soon be a lady dog of leisure! I plan to nap in the sun, take endless walks in the woods & eat as much doggy ice cream as the powers that be will allow!
   I will truly uly miss all the love you give me. It has never ceased to amaze me how sooo many wonderful peoples who I had not yet met will call me by name when they see me at the store! It makes me feel humbled & so special. If I’ve heard it once, I think I’ve heard it almost a million times that my little stories are the first thing you read in the shopper. Wow, just WOW! My life has been a storybook in itself to have such a special bond with so many great peoples! That there is gonna be so tough to part with! Oh, & the little peoples who have the sweetest tasting faces! In my 12 years I have had the best of the best in the co-worker department. And OMG, the butt rubs, the french fries, the twinkies, half your lunches & so much, much more you have given & shared with me. You will always be close to my heart & belly!
I hope to keep putting my paw to paper & writing some- just not on such a strict schedule. I really do enjoy the writing & have always dreamed of writing a book. I’ve always wanted to compile all of the Stockman’s dog stories under one cover. Do you think that would work? Some of you have been there through the whole crazy trip with us. Starting with “Jessie Sez”, to “Bray’s Tale”, then “Eddie’s Two Scents Worth”, & now “Time To Paws With Annie.” I was thinking that book just might be the purrfect quest in retirement!
There will be no farewell, adios, or good byes….
I’ll see ya around!
Stay safe! Love you all!