Time To Paws With Annie

May 18th THROUGH May 24th, 2020



How ya doin’? This morning I had plans to sleep in just a bit, but my “wild” neighbors weren’t having it! Just as the sun was beginning to peek his head out so began the cacophony (I know…that’s a mighty big word for a dumb dog, but sometimes it’s just the right word!) anyway, out rang the Sand Hill Cranes, the prairie chickens, my backyard song birds, the mournful Mourning Doves & in particular the geese. The incredibly noisy geese! I hear them all every morning, but on a morning when I wanted to stay put on my comfy round pillow bed they seemed extra, extra noisy!

If anyone has been worrying that I might have had a detrimental impact on the goose population by eating too many eggs…worry no more! The gosling hatch appears to be plentiful! I’ve seen families with anywhere from 2 up to 10 little ones. Rex & Wilma Goose who always come back to nest on the little round pond are proudly tending to 8 little goosers this year. I’m still waiting for my first fawn sighting of the year, but in the meantime those goofy yearlings continue to entertain us. My bucking buckies are back playing tag & racing through the yard. They have come through the winter strong & long legged. The speed with which they chase each other around is a sight I am in awe of. They have grown in size & speed, yet they never stray far away from their Mama. I can’t help but wonder if that will all change when Mama brings a new sibling or 2 or 3 into the world. Then again, maybe Mama decided that after these 3 she had had enough!!

Stay Safe!


Annie & Everyone at Stockman’s!