Time To Paws With Annie

May 21st THROUGH MAY 27th, 2018



Oh my, what a day I had at the Wilson auction! Me & my cousin Jack were sooo tired. I was actually sick the next day, but I’m feeling fine now. Gram thinks I probably ate too much! The lunch ladies had super good food & so many of you peoples shared your yummy food with me! I told Gram it wouldn’t have been polite to decline your offers! Hahaha! We want to thank Lee Auctions & everyone for the tremendous support! So many good friends & family came to hold my paw! All the kids I useta have were here; my baby even came! We got home after a long day & low & behold supper was waiting for us! Now we start the huge clean-up project & after that we’ll be able to spend more time in Osseo!

Fly the American flag with pride this Memorial Day in remembrance of all the brave men & women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom! There is no doubt that this is the best country in the world! Honor our fallen heroes & give thanks for their service to this great country! For my special this week I WANT TO OFFER ALL OF OUR AMERICAN FLAGS AT HALF PRICE!!! I want to see that beautiful RED, WHITE, & BLUE EVERYWHERE!! Just tell the cashier GOD BLESS AMERICA!


Love Annie and everyone at Stockman’s!