Time To Paws With Annie

August 10th – August 16th



How ya doin’? I’ve been looking back at some old stories of mine &
my Mama Eddie’s. I realized that August, which incidentally is my birth
month has never been the best of months for me! It should probably
be called Antibiotic Month for me!
  In August of 2014 I was dealing with bad sores between my toes. My
left rear wheel became out of line after the numerous surgeries that
had been done to try to repair my Achilles tendon. The sores required
antibiotics to heal.
  In August of 2015 after picking too many blackberries the thorns had
scratched my nose so badly that the wounds needed antibiotics to
  In August of 2016 while on a girl’s weekend at the cabin I was brutally
attacked by a vicious dog. That one even required surgery to get fixed
up. And of course there was a horrible infection which required
antibiotics to heal.
  In August of 2017 after making too many trips downstairs to flee from
the thunderstorms my back leg was shook around enough that a
terrible infection in the leg bone occurred. That one required months
of antibiotics.
  In August of 2018 I was gratefully given a break. 2018 was a good
  In August of 2019 I went to the doc for a gagging/hacking thing I had
going on. It turned out to be a weakening of my throat flapper
muscles. I still have occasional reoccurrences of this. My Mama had
the same thing & my sister Lillie suffers from it too.
  Now here we are in August of 2020 & I continue to struggle with an
infection in my business end. Currently I have had a change of
antibiotics that doc is hopeful will clear things up. My biggest problem
is that ever since the dog bites in 2016 when I had to take antibiotics
for an extended period my tummy gets sooo icky. I have to also take a
med for nausea. Nothing really works & I can’t wait to be off the
drugs! Gram tries trick after trick to get them down in my belly. I’ve
become an expert at extracting the pill from all forms of bribes the
pills are hid in while still eating the treat!
Stay safe!