Time To Paws With Annie

May 13th THROUGH May 19th, 2019



I guess you’re never too old to get into a little trouble! I’ve been making my daily swim out to the island on Rex Lake for a goose egg. Gram has always said that we have way too many geese…especially when they are pooping on the decks & all over the driveway! So, I make my daily swim out to the island to get an egg & swim back with it carefully clutched in my mouth. I then enjoy my egg in the front yard. Well, yesterday I started back with my egg, but I dropped it! I swam around & around in circles before finally deciding that it had sunk to the bottom of the pond. I really had no choice but to go back to the island for another egg. Then, I had what I thought was an amazing brainstorm on my part. I thought why chance loosing another egg? Why not just enjoy the egg right on the island? Well, one egg led to another egg until I really wasn’t sure how many I had, but I was full so I swam back home. Everything was great until later last night when I developed the most deadly gas you could ever imagine! I couldn’t even stand myself! Gram opened all the windows & lit candles but nothing could mask the smell. Gram sat with her shirt pulled up over her nose & Grandpa stayed in a faraway room. As if that wasn’t bad enough my tummy then started to rumble. Gram had to make four emergency runs- & I mean runs outside with me last night! So, as you might guess, Gram isn’t particularly proud of me today!

My special honors chicken & chicken farmers everywhere! Me thinks that clean & refrigerated eggs are the way to go! This week you can pick up TWO DOZEN LARGE EGGS FOR ONLY ONE DOLLAR!! Just tell the cashier you will be careful not to drop them!

Love Annie and everyone at Stockman’s!