Time To Paws With Annie

Nov 12th THROUGH Nov 21st, 2018



My apologies for not being in touch the last couple of weeks. My Grandpa was in a very serious car accident. He & 3 of his buddies were coming back from Madison October 20th after the Badger game when the accident happened near Wisconsin Dells. Their vehicle was sent flying & ended up in the opposite lanes of traffic. Grandpa’s two buddies sitting in the front seats, Scot Miller & Dave Howe lost their lives. One of his bestest buds & family friend Tom Millar is still in the hospital at UW Madison. Grandpa got a helicopter ride & he doesn’t even remember it. He really had his bell rang & he has to wear this weird collar around his neck. It kinda reminds me of the cone of shame I myself have had to wear from time to time. My Grandpa will be fine! He just needs some quiet & time to heal. Our hearts, our thoughts, & our prayers are with the families of Scot & Dave & with Tom for a full recovery. Life is not life without a few rough spots. Those bumps in the road truly make us grateful for the life we have been given & the realization of just how very fragile that life is! Thank you to all for the prayers, phone calls, visits & the food! Oh, the wonderful food!


Love Annie and everyone at Stockman’s!