Time To Paws With Annie

Jan 20th THROUGH Jan 26th, 2020



I’ve yet to find that elusive first shed antler of this season. Weather & daylight permitting we’re out hunting most days now. I see a few buckies with holes in their heads where their antlers have fallen off. I see some lop-sided buckies that are running around with only an antler on one side. But, most of the buckies I see are still sporting a full rack. So, I guess the “3 points” to that story is that there are a few antlers abandoned out there that are waiting to be found, but the majority of antlers haven’t departed from their owner’s melons yet. Last night there was a nice big guy in the yard & he stopped to shake his head back & forth. Oh, I could just smell the hot dog as I waited for his horns to fall! But, woe is me, nothin’… I got nothin’ & he moved on. The hunt should become more profitable in a few weeks as the pickin’ gets better. From my records & recollection the earliest date for finding my first antler of the season was January 3rd & the latest was February 20th. So, I really can almost taste that hot dog! The first antler is always the hardest to find & the reward always the tastiest!

In the meantime, some other season’s that are coming into their own are flu season & cold season! I’m gonna load up on the chicken noodle soup! I recommend you do too! For my special this week PICK UP SHURFINE CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP IN THE 10.5 OUNCE CANS FOR ONLY $.44… Just tell the cashier either… Wonderful rewards come to those who work hard! Or…An ounce of soup is worth a pound of cold prevention!

Happy New Year from Annie & Everyone at Stockman’s!