Time To Paws With Annie

July 16th THROUGH July 22nd, 2018



I feel like I live in Wildlife Central! I just love watching the birds, the squirrels of course, & all the wild critters. Uncle Wayne says it’s a “Stockman Thing!” Old Tight Pockets was that way & so are Gram & Uncle Wayne. Yesterday we had a doe deer in the back yard & I got so close that we almost touched noses! Grandpa had pulled down from the pine trees a bunch of those nasty wild cucumber vines. “Princess” thought they tasted might fine! She had at least 10’ of the vines in her mouth & I kept watching her reel them in.

I’ve had a difficult time with squirrel patrol. The bugs have been so bad the last week that Gram keeps putting a towel over my head. It does keep the bugs out of my eyes & ears, but I have to totally rely on my sniffer to know when a squirrel is approaching Gram’s bird feeders!

Then, just this morning our Sand Hill Crane Ma, Pa, & Youngin’ came marching (they really do march!) into our back yard. I couldn’t believe my eyes when they headed right to my wild raspberry patch & started munching away! I had no idea that they hankered for berries! They didn’t stay long & I was happy to share.

I have a SWEET special this week! 10# BAGS OF SHURFINE SUGAR FOR ONLY $3.99 PER BAG!! (LIMIT OF 2 BAGS PLEASE) Maybe you’ll use it to make raspberry jam or to make those little hummers their “special water.” Just tell the cashier what your sweet stuff is for!


Love Annie and everyone at Stockman’s!